Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Welcome to 1964 Topps. I did some look/see, and while I did find a blog that ended a about a year ago over on Wordpress, no one seems to have put together a blog on the 1964 set here at Blogger. And since I am attempting to build the set I figured I would document the journey.

For my set, condition will not be too much of an issue. While the '64 set is fairly inexpensive to build, as there are not a lot of high priced rookies in the set, it would still be a challenge to build on a tight budget. I an hoping for cards that would rate good to very good. If I can find something of higher quality at a small price, I'll take it. But mostly, I am building this set via cheap set building cards found in discount bins when possible. I'll add something beat up if the price is right, but only as a place holder until I find a card I am more pleased with.

In the technical set, 1964 would be the last Topps set released when I didn't roam this planet. There is something I like in the simplicity of the set. I can't quite explain it. I have no goal on when the set will be finished. I'll just go along and when I have all 567 cards, then it's complete. 

So come along on this journey. I'll randomly scan cards, in no particular order, and talk a little about each one.

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