Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rookie Stars Indians - #146

Robert "Bob" Chance spent six years in MLB, spliting time with the Indians, Senators and the Angels. He then went over to Japan for two year before spending his last two years in Puerto Rico. Mostly a first baseman, his best year was in '64, hitting .279 with 14 long balls. After being traded to the Senators, he mostly played fill in roles for the rest of his career. After baseball, he returned to Charleston, WV and worked with the government recreation department and passed away 6 months ago (Oct 3, 2013) from cancer.

Tommy John made a few spotty appearances with the Indians, but he career really started when he was traded to the White Sox after the '64 season. After 7 fairly successful seasons in Comiskey, Tommy was sent to the Dodgers for Dick Allen in 1972. Tommy had 2 and a half stellar seasons with the Dodgers, until a devastating injury to his elbow but a halt to his 1974 season. After surgery that kept him out of the '75 season, John came back and continued his career with the Dodgers and then with the Yankees, appearing in 3 World Series. John left baseball with a career win total of 288 victories, 164 of them coming after the surgery that was feared to have ended his career. John currently sits 7th on the wins list of left handed pitchers.

Claim to fame: While Bob Chance is not remembered much in baseball circles, the surgery that repaired John's elbow has taken on his name and been used many times to extend the careers of numerous ball players.

Comic answer: No comic on the back of the Rookie Stars cards.

Card condition: Minor bumps on the corners. Slight crease below the word "outfield". Slightly miscentered on the back, and cut at a small angle.

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